Our team

Experienced. Focused. Human.

We are innovative people

Our teams deliver transformation and innovation, to enhance the future of industry.

Through digital intelligence, industrial automation, and increased security.

They work with integrity, intelligence and industry - to transform your operations, and enhance your future.

As a large company that needs to move fast, we count on our industry-leading engineers, our sophisticated technical support, and our responsive back-office systems and infrastructure.

Enhancing industry with experience

We offer the support and experience of a large, established organisation with the spirit and energy of a small company.

We’re made up of specialist teams, based in strategic locations across Sheffield, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Warrington.

This allows us to deliver on a local level, to leading operators in the oil and gas, power, infrastructure and defence industries.

Our people are industrious and geeky. Using intelligence and analysis to understand the world. Practical and insightful, with a personal touch - they build our experience, trust, and invention.

They are people who will listen, and focus on delivering the correct advice with effective solutions. They have a track record of creating solutions with enduring value, and carry the qualifications and certifications to prove it.

The Leadership Team

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