E.ON Ruhrgas

E.ON Babbage ICSS

Babbage Field Development – ICSS (Integrated Control & Safety System)

Our client, E.ON Ruhrgas, who was at the time of this project new to the oil and gas industry, approached ITI to design, commission and provide support for the integrated control and safety system on the newly developed Babbage platform (now owned by Premier Oil).


The Brief

The Babbage platform located 28km off the Humberside coast feeds into the National Transmission System (NTS) via the Perencoowned Dimlington Terminal. Initially the platform was designed with three wells to be controlled locally but was later expanded to five wells in 2011 with remote control shifting to the Dimlington Terminal. ITI were contracted by E.ON Ruhrgas to manufacture the ICSS which once installed would enable the platform to be controlled locally or switched to remote operation where control could be carried out from the Dimlington onshore control centre.

The driver for E.ON Ruhrgas, made possible by the iti developed ICSS was the de-manning of the Babbage platform leading to a reduction in operating expenditure.

Our Innovation

OPEX reduction

OPEX reduction

Full turn-key project

Full turn-key project

Remote control of NUI

Remote control of NUI

Full integration with existing systems

Full integration with existing systems

Continued support since 2010

Continued support since 2010

Business Benefits

As the ultimate aim of the project was to enable remote control from the Perenco Dimlington Terminal by integrating with systems previously installed on this asset by ITI, the knowledge and experience of these systems was a huge benefit to E.ON Ruhrgas.

ITI delivered all aspects of the control and safety system and therefore was able to offer efficient design and reduction in cost and time compared to sourcing components from individual suppliers. ITI has supported the system since commissioning in 2010 and continues to work collaboratively with the client.

The Solution

As an independent systems integrator, ITI was able to deliver a full turn-key project spanning design, testing, commission and ongoing service, support and maintenance. The aim of eventual control from Perenco’s Dimlington Terminal meant the ICSS was designed to complement Perenco (Formerly BP) systems previously installed by ITI. ITI delivered a fully integrated control system built on the GE PAC8000 Hybrid process control platform and GE SafetyNet controllers for the emergency shutdown (ESD) and fire and gas (FGS) safety systems, capable of Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2). For the pipeline protection system (PPS) HIMA HIQuad equipment was used for the required SIL3 loops and for its reliability, scalability and flexibility.

Design, construction and factory acceptant testing (FAT) were performed by ITI, in-house over the course of a year before installation began in 2010, which continued for a further year.

Since the completion of the project, ITI has been contracted to perform numerous modifications to the ICSS including:

Erosion probe sensor tuning

De-manning and Integration into Dimlington

Replacement/upgrade of ICSS IT Hardware

Loss of communication ESD Trip

ESD Trip Setpoint changes

Not permanently attended installation modifications

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