Servelec Controls leading the conversation on Diversification

  • Monday, February 3, 2020

On 25th January 2020, Servelec Controls will be at the NOF Scotland Supply Chain Conference (SSCC) in Glasgow, leading the conversation on Diversification in the energy industry.

The event offers delegates the chance to hear from and connect with some of the industry’s key players, with this year’s programme promising to provide invaluable insight into the topical issue of the changing energy landscape.

Servelec Controls’ Managing Director Andrew Mills will be chairing the session on Diversification, which aims to help companies understand the key benefits, challenges and strategies associated with successfully expanding their portfolio by making sustainable and profitable decisions.

The world around us is changing, so industry and businesses must adapt in order to flourish. With government targets for carbon neutrality becoming increasingly ambitious, energy companies are under increasing pressure to progress the transitional process. The key first step in this journey is diversification, which provides resilience to businesses and then enables them to direct an increasing proportion of their offering toward sustainable sources.

In order to help companies understand the potential opportunities, Andrew will bring his experience of supporting clients to transform their businesses by embracing diversification, digitalisation and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, in order to meet the challenges faced in today’s changing landscape.

In addition to the diversification session, the event will cover a wide range of topics including the future of Oil and Gas, chaired by Bill Cattanach, Head of Supply Chain at the Oil and Gas Authority; Clean Energy; and The Energy Transition.

According to NOF, “The energy transition is shifting up the agenda, moving from previously being considered important to now becoming something urgent; a source of great risk, but also of opportunity. Technology can deliver the future we desire. The critical questions are how and when that technology is to be applied.”

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The event as whole should inspire companies to consider how they can leverage the changing technological landscape and embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution, mirroring Servelec Controls’ own vision, in order to create a more sustainable world.

NOF’s membership spans from governing bodies, through major operators, and all the way down the supply chain. With 300+ visitors expected from the likes of Engie, Petrofac, Wood, SSE Renewables and many more, the opportunity to network and share ideas with leading innovators means the Scotland Supply Chain Conference 2020 is shaping up to be a hugely valuable experience, for members and non-members alike.

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