Oil & Gas

We provide critical systems for all stages of the oil and gas production journey. We add value at all stages, from exploration through to distribution thanks to our extensive global experience of upstream, midstream and downstream industries.

Securing the future of Oil & Gas

Intense competition, challenging regulations and fluctuating prices are forcing the sector to undergo major change.

The future of oil and gas is a demanding one. Operators have less to spend, but must find ways to reduce costs, while enhancing productivity and safety.

Increased scrutiny on their work, and tightening environmental and safety regulations makes this a challenging and high pressure environment to innovate and thrive in.


Exploration and production

Since the 1970’s we have helped operators to succeed in challenging environments.

We have extensive experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, and help global companies to automate, control, monitor and safeguard their assets - as well as the environments they work in.


Storage and transportation

Through innovation, we secure the invaluable commodities of oil & gas industry.

We enhance the infrastructure that takes oil and gas from extraction to consumer.

Our expert teams improve accuracy and safety in the storage and transport of oil and gas.

Our control systems help operators to flourish - despite market volatility.

We help them to confidently store oil, gas and refined products, and cope with the industry’s seasonal and varied demands.

Our systems are also trusted to measure and control the safe distribution of oil and gas via pipeline, tankers and vessels all over the world.


Refining, processing, and distribution

Our systems advance the most crucial processes in oil and gas.

We help major owners and operators to automate their oil and gas refining operations, while improving safety and efficiency.

Our solutions support oil and gas terminals and refineries, to perform critical processes that enable hydrocarbons to be sold and transported to market.

We deliver enhanced security and accuracy to the separation and removal, compression or dehydration - of excess gases, liquids and waste.

The transportation and the valuation hydrocarbons becomes more accurate and efficient, with the support of our technologies.

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