Renewable power, with a lasting legacy.

Hydroelectricity provides a flexible source of power at a low cost.

The majority of hydroelectric power stations have been in operation for decades. In order to maintain continued productive usage of this valuable natural resource, the systems that help to operate and regulate hydroelectric assets must be upgraded.

With the right management of plants and assets, Hydroelectricity will continue to play a critical part in renewable energy supply for decades to come.

We’re enhancing the future of hydroelectricity.

Our control, safety and automation upgrades can improve both safety and efficiency whilst extending the lifespan of your assets.

Our software know-how and technical expertise in control system integration is highly valued by the UK’s largest energy providers.

We’ve worked in partnership with major energy companies to successfully deliver critical Hydroelectric projects.

Our collaborative approach helps us integrate best practice with operating experience from previous projects, to develop and improve project delivery.

Our experience of upgrading legacy systems and managing obsolescence at a strategic level means we can help mitigate the risk of aging equipment failure or discontinued spares.

Enhanced efficiency, effective production.

We can provide a thorough assessment of your control system methodology and determine the specific requirements for optimal operation.

Our expertise in a wide range of systems and manufacturers means that we can offer impartial advice for the most appropriate upgrade path to benefit your operations.

More than just a route to continued operation of your valued hydroelectric assets, we can implement new functionality to both reinforce safety and achieve efficiencies that will lead to more effective production.

Harness your Hydroelectric potential with the help of our Control Systems.

Our fully automated control systems reduce the need for human intervention, improve accuracy and enable collection, analysis and visualisation of data which can be used to effect significant improvements to your operations. 

Our integrated and electrical control systems will provide a reliable, fully automated and user friendly system to support electricity generation for decades.

We can design systems to fit standards consistent with other facility upgrade projects across the your fleet. Providing improved control and a commonality of spares, while reducing the amount of operator training required.

We complete projects to a high technical standard, and our new systems will support plants to efficiently provide energy to the Grid for decades.

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