We work with the leading manufacturers of hydrogen electrolyser solutions to create control and protection systems that ensure the safe and consistent operation of your plant.

Hydrogen gas extraction holds high promise for the sustainable energy transition, as the only by-product is water. However, in order to ensure a smooth conversion to this renewable source, operators need the assurance of reliability and safety in its use

Our systems support your sustainable ambitions.

In addition to integrated control and safety systems, our teams develop SCADA and data monitoring systems. These provide remote visualisation of the plant and key processes in real-time, enabling operators to ensure a safe working environment.

Alarms identify potential issues, allowing preventative maintenance interventions to mitigate interruptions and risks - ensuring a safe and consistent output of fuel.

The sometimes remote and/or dispersed nature of your installations demands a robust and reliable control and safety system. In many instances it is developed to be monitored remotely , and controlled from centralised control centres

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