Bespoke Software Systems

Smarter software, engineered to enhance your operations.

Our highly skilled engineers can design, build and install a bespoke software system to achieve the accuracy that you need to drive innovative ways of working, whilst still ensuring reliability, safety, performance and profitability.

If your control or information system requirements are highly specific, a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution may not provide all the functionality that you require.

By commissioning a bespoke software system, you can stipulate exactly how it should operate and interact with your existing plant, as well as align output, monitoring and reporting with your business objectives.

A time-efficient, cost-effective solution

Dependant on your circumstances and objectives, a bespoke software system installation could actually be more cost-effective than undertaking the time-consuming process of adapting COTS equipment to meet an approximation of your exact requirements.

Experienced engineers, delivering real results

We have decades of experience creating safety and control systems, and our expert engineers have in depth knowledge of all the latest technology on the market. We can advise on the possibilities and practicalities of a new system and we can ensure your solution will meet all the relevant regulations and safety standards.

Our highly-skilled software experts thrive on solving complex engineering challenges and will take the time to understand you and your application.

After a through consultation process and detailed design phase, you can trust us to create a bespoke software system that will meet your control and data utilisation requirements, enhance your operations and improve your bottom line.

Using our extensive manufacturing facilities we can create test rigs to simulate your operations and ensure that your new system accurately and reliably meets your needs prior to commissioning and installation.

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