Fire & Gas Detection and Control (FGS)

Enhanced emergency protection.

A fire and gas safety system adds a mitigating layer of protection to an emergency shutdown system, should an event occur.

Fire and gas safety systems reduce the severity of an identified event such as when gas, smoke, flame or heat is detected, by raising an alarm and initiating further suppression and isolation systems, to contain the threat.

FGS systems are often complex, with data acquired from many dispersed detection devices located across an asset simultaneously. Our installed systems are robust, reliable, capable of harnessing that complexity and data, and delivering enhanced emergency protection.

Protect what matters, in crucial moments.

VESDA systems are the first line of defence against catastrophic fire emergencies.

They perform this role by continuously analysing air samples, using a laser light source to detect smoke particles. If smoke is detected above a defined threshold, an alarm is triggered by the building management system.

We install VESDA Systems in areas where an early warning and response to fire is vital, such as offshore oil and gas platforms.

Our engineers are experienced at creating systems using the leading VESDA product range by Xtralis ensuring life, property and the environment are protected against fire.

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