Our teams of engineers have decades of experience gained working on a wide variety of projects for the largest operators in key global infrastructure markets such as oil and gas, nuclear and renewables.

They deliver transformation and innovation, to enhance the future of industry - through digital intelligence, industrial automation, and increased security. Providing robust hardware, smart software, and innovative solutions that are mission-critical.

This wealth of experience enables us to provide first class advice regarding the best course of action, based on your aims and objectives.

We create long term plans for the safe, efficient and profitable running of your operational assets and provide support throughout the full system lifecycle, in accordance with BS EN 61508/61511.

An innovative approach to offering transformational advice

We are practical, insightful and industrious with a personal touch.

We use intelligence and analysis to understand the world, and use that understanding to build on our experience, and deliver support you can trust.

We will listen, and focus on delivering the correct advice.

We work with integrity, intelligence and industry - to advise you on how best to transform your operations, drive meaningful change and enhance your future.

Our Consultancy Services

Independent design review and substantiation of safety and protection applications

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessments and failure rate calculations

Fire and gas mapping

Remote operations

Local equipment room design, supply and install

BS EN 61508 reviews and implementation

User requirement specification (URS) generation and hazard identification and analysis

Cyber and information security

Definition of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic (E/E/PE) safety requirements

EMPHASIS SMART Device Assessments

Guidance on Corporate Standards for Sellafield, EDF and Magnox (EG90 / ES_1_2190)

Modest Integrity & PESGuidelines, S-050 etc.)

Independent Equipment Verification and Validation

Failure modes, effects and diagnostics analysis (FMEA/FMEDA) studies

Safety case support including safety case improvement plans

System obsolescence strategy, management, advice and support

Bespoke and specialist hardware and software design, including re-engineering substantiation

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