Obsolescence Management

Avoiding obsolescence, engineering opportunity.

Advances in automation, digital operations and software capability are revolutionising the performance and capability of forward-thinking operators in critical industry.

Operators who fail to act, will be left behind. 

If their legacy systems fail, they run the risk of costly downtime. The toll of running lucrative assets using systems that cannot provide maximum efficiency - will eventually make profitable operations impossible.

Our Obsolescence Management services, are an opportunity to harness emerging technologies, and reap the benefits they bring, to the work you do.

Improved profitability, security and performance.

By working with us, you can reduce your exposure to manageable obsolescence-based risks, and extend the commercial viability of your assets through effective migration planning.

We integrate innovative automation solutions, and smarter technology that enhances the security, functionality and efficiency of critical assets, and make them fit for the future.

Less downtime, more efficiency.

We can ensure seamless upgrades to the latest market-leading technology, and integration with existing infrastructure - all while minimising implementation time and costs, and reducing downtime.

If you’ve identified a need to replace systems, but can’t take action because of the cost of ensuring productive uptime, we can deliver futureproofing to your operations in a way that minimises the impact on your ability to improve production efficiency

Cost-effective Futureproofing

Obsolesence management rarely requires a full-facility upgrade. Instead, our progressive and sustainable approach saves our customers time and money,  by integrating new technology into existing infrastructure.

How can we enhance your future?

Asset Integrity Management

Enhanced system safety and compliance through asset integrity management

Seamless Integration

Reducing downtime through seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Minimised Downtime

Reduced cost through minimised downtime and vendor independent solutions

Extended Asset Life

Extended asset life, reliability and commercial viability

Migration Planning

Reduced exposure to obsolescence based risks through effective migration planning

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support including proactive and preventative maintenance

Our approach to maximising your operations

Our first objective is always to clearly define scope and goals beyond simply replacing obsolete equipment.

We can ensure value for money and secure business continuity, with a technical evaluation and comparison of your business investment options, to identify an optimum investment approach to system obsolescence management.

We’re ready to help you tackle the challenges of obsolescence management. Our thorough, systematic and strategic approach to obsolescence management projects includes:

Obsolescence reports with pre-defined scope to ensure requirements determined at the outset are met.

Current system status and system support plan assessment.

Comprehensive documentation.

Asset inventory surveys and database establishment.

Identification of critical equipment for maintaining system availability.

Systematic identification and recording of potentially affected systems and components.

Evaluation of potential risks and impacts of system obsolescence on the business.

Development of relevant system obsolescence management processes to mitigate business impact.

Risk analysis for each piece of equipment.

Prioritisation and proposal of alternate equipment including redesign concepts.

System design reviews.

Prototype system build, factory test and debug.

Installation and commissioning.

Ongoing review, support and maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Why do you need proactive obsolescence management for control systems?

All types of industrial control systems have an operational life – as they age their likelihood for failure increases, and they become more dependent on spares and maintenance provided by the manufacturer.

At some point, the manufacturers of hardware and software will discontinue their maintenance and support of obsolete equipment and normally provide an upgrade path to a newer model or version.

The increasing failure rate of ageing components and the diminishing availability of spares and support present significant challenges for operators in national infrastructure markets.

The upgrade path provided by manufacturers is not always suitable for your legacy equipment or system, and will require a different solution.

How can we help you?